bySamuel Beckett, Directed by Jacques Osinski

with Denis Lavant

Every year, on his birthday, Krapp records a detailed account of how he has been and what he has done over the past year. Each time, he listens to one or other of the tapes recorded decades before, and comments on it… Krapp, who once said he no longer wanted anything to do with what he had experienced, can only exist today if he manages to recapture what he once was: “Be again, be again.” Above all, he still has to be the person who, “when there was a chance of happiness”, experienced a moment of love.

Denis Lavant is quite simply an immense actor, and Jacques Osinski’s direction verges on perfection.
In Beckettland, Denis Lavant can do anything (…) Director Jacques Osinski acts as a guide to the Beckettian forest, providing the audience with the keys to understanding the play, which is then there to grasp. Sceneweb
Denis Lavant’s performance as a tired old clown is truly stunning. Frictions

The performance of Krapp’s Last Tape will be followed by a discussion moderated by Alice Clabaut.

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